Grange Barn – the oldest barn in Britain

Grange Barn in Coggeshall  in Essex is one of the oldest agricultural buildings in Europe. The oldest timbers in the building date from the early 12th century.

Grange Barn 1
It is a huge building – 120 feet long, 45 feet wide and 35 feet high

Grange Barn 2It was built by Cisterian monks so that they could store their agricultural produce

Grange Barn 6

To me it is one of the wonders of Britain and clearly shows how important the management of woodlands was in the 12th century in producing timber for huge buildings like this

Grange Barn 3The building was used for agricultural storage up to the 1960s

Grange Barn 4

After which it fell into disrepair – during the early 1980s it was saved from destruction and restored by local people – I first visited Grange Barn in 1986 with Oliver Rackham

Grange Barn 5The roof consists of over 85,000 tiles

The Barn was given to the National Trust in 1989 and is now open to the public – see here for the opening time details.

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