Burnished Brass

Following on from yesterday’s blog about the Beautiful Golden Y, today the trap contained a closely related species – the Burnished Brass, so called because of its shiny ‘metallic’ scales.

It is a common species throughout the UK and its caterpillars feed predominantly on nettles.

Burnish means to polish metal

A Beautiful Golden Y

I caught a Beautiful Golden Y in my trap the other day

A very attractively marked moth

It is a resident and common moth – its caterpillars feed on a variety of herbaceous plants including nettles, ragwort and honeysuckle.

As this picture shows it is closely related to the Silver Y which is an immigrant moth which in some summers can arrive in Britain from the Continent in huge numbers

Ely Cathedral

I was up in Cambridgeshire for a few days last week and one evening I went in to Ely to see the magnificent Norman Cathedral

Amazing to think that this was built nearly 1000 years ago

The sun lighting the stonework

The lantern

When you are in the Cambridgeshire Fens you can often see Ely Cathedral – sitting high on the hill that Ely is built upon – local the Cathedral is known as the ‘Ship of the Fens’.