Devon County Show and some sheep

I went to the Devon County Show yesterday. Lucky with the weather – no rain – I fear that today will be rather different ….. I went to see the judging of the Best in Breed Sheep finals.

Gretface Dartmoor
This is the best in breed Dartmoor Greyfaced Sheep

Whiteface Dartmoor
Best in breed Whitefaced Dartmoor sheep

Scottish blackface
Best in breed Scotch blackface sheep

Devon and Cornwall longwool
Best in breed Devon and Cornwall Long Wool sheep

Charolais - best in show
And finally – Best in Show – a Charollais sheep with the owner Mr Alford from Cullompton and the final’s judge

Farming can be quite a lonely business, so many farmers love exhibiting their animals at the many local shows. It is a time to meet their neighbours and other farmers to look after the same breeds as them, a chance to compare notes and work out where to buy some new sheep from. Congratulations to all the ‘best in breed’ winners (sheep and owners!) and to Mr Alford – proud moments to win at the Devon County Show and you can see that in his face.

A couple of alpacas – now quite a common sight on Dartmoor and in Devon

Red deer hind
A red deer hind on the British Deer Society stand

A goshawk on a falconry stand – one of Dartmoor’s special birds

Exeter Morris men
The Exeter Morris Men performing outside the beer tent!

The Exeter Wheel
And the Exeter Wheel – a new attraction this year.

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