Small-flowered Catchfly on Scilly

Small-flowered Catchfly (Silene gallica) is an arable weed which can be locally abundant on the Isles of Scilly. There is a thriving population on the Garrison Walls near to Morning Point.

It is in the same family as the campions

Pale pink flowers

The back lighting emphasises the stem hairs

Growing on the Garrison Walls and caught by the sunshine

From the Garrison across to Annet and St Agnes

Dotterels and a Golden Plover

Yesterday was my last day on Scilly for a while – managed to get up to the Golf Course to see a couple of Dotterel and a summer plumage Golden Plover

Female Dotterel on the left, the Golden Plover’s back in the middle and a male Dotterel on the right – they were distant and there was a bit of a heat haze but hopefully you get the idea!

Female Dotterel

Male Dotterel and the golden Plover

The Golden Plover

They will all be heading north  to the high uplands

And I am heading to Dartmoor for 10 Tors ….

The Little Bittern revisited

Birding is taken very seriously on Scilly by the select few

Here is is Joe Pender (Scillonian, boatman and  seabird legend)  with his spaniel – both on the Little Bittern

Out in the open and a fabulous performer

There is only one way to get a goby down your gullet

Always alert and on the case

Britain’s latest breeding bird – the same size as a moorhen!  It is tiny.

There are few benefits to climate change but this is one.



Tresco birds and squirrels

A great day’s birding on Tresco

A Black-winged Stilt

Two birds on thenGreat Pool – the first since 2006 (I think)

A Blue-headed wagtail

An Eastern race of the Yellow Wagtail

A male Pintail

A Shelduck

A Red-legged Partrdge

A Robin

A Red Squirrel – part of the Tresco introduction programme

Out in the gardens – away from the feeders

The introduced Golden Pheasant

The World Gig Rowing Championships – final race

After the final race all 150 gigs raft up in the harbour


Much merriment is had

Our Hawaiian theme

Enough said

All the crews then raise their oars as the final heat and the World Champions arrive

Black Rock …. again …. very well done

Margot and Caroline won the Sportsman Trophy for their amazing volunteering efforts in the Tunnel and the Slipway over the weekend – without volunteers this event would collapse!

Bonus row in Serica

Got a bonus row last night with the  ‘American’ crew at the Isles of Scilly World Gig Rowing Championships. I say ‘American’ as there was only one American in the boat – the rest of use were English! Nevertheless we were rowing in the Super Vets Race for Gloucester Gig Rowing Club from Massachusetts!

We had borrowed the St Mary’s Gig Serica which was built in 1967.

A slight problem was that the gig leaked rather badly ….. Serica obviously hadn’t been in the water for months and wood had dried out.

Hey ho – all part of life’s rich tapestry!

The weather was pretty good for the race from St Agnes even if the tides weren’t so kind.

With a boat half full of water and a crew that had never rowed together the result was inevitable but nevertheless it was great fun.