Freezing at Finch Foundry

Lots of us went to Finch Foundry today – the morning saw all NT Dartmoor Rangers and countryside volunteers meet for their ‘start of season’ meeting. The afternoon saw Finch Foundry’s staff and volunteers meet for theirs.

What greeted us all was a spectacular ice show.

Ice 1


The Waterwheel coated in ice

Ice 8

Icicles everywhere

Ice 5

Thick and pretty!

Ice 10

It’s got to be pretty cold to make this happen.

Along with the icy spectacle I also spotted this beautiful ivy leaf – this is a wild plant not a cultivar and I thought the colours contrasted perfectly with the temperature!

Ivy 2

Veins not icicles!

Frozen Planet!

I don’t watch a lot of TV – I like the football match, cricket and of course the Tour de France so I had been a bit sniffy about yet another David Attenborough series (don’t get me wrong he is the most amazing man alive and has done more for conservation than anyone else and I have seen all his previous work …) – what could possibly be new this time.

I had noticed quite a few postings on Twitter raving about Frozen Planet (probably from youngsters who weren’t even born when Life On Earth came out I thought).

Well one of my best mates told me in the pub tonight how much she was enjoying it so I thought I’m being left behind – need to catch up. Good old iPlayer came to the rescue and I have just watched the first two episodes back to back. I must have said ‘wow’ a dozen times out  loud.

It is absolutely brilliant – polar bears fighting, mating and dying, unbelievable sequences of killer whales hunting in packs knocking seals of ice floes, huge wolves from Canada hunting bison, ludicrous penguin behaviour, narwhals, ice crystals etc etc etc.

The end of each programme details how the films were made  – what the crews did and how they suffered. You have got to watch it – if you love Dartmoor and its wildness you will love Frozen Planet.

Here’s the link!

Cheers Baa – great tip off.