The sun and moon at Saunton Sands

We went up to Saunton Sands in North Devon yesterday for a walk. It was a gloriously sunny but very cold day. Here are a few of the photos I took and here is the link to my photo set.

Saunton Sands4A low bright sun is always fun to shoot in!

Saunton Sands9I really like the colours in this one

Saunton Sands12The moon was less boisterous but was still impressive

Saunton Sands15I love the kitsch at the cafe

Saunton Sands16And the helpful advice on my hot chocolate

Saunton Sands17All followed by a great sunset

10 Tors- Camping in Evil Combe

Been on a two 10 Tors training expedition (National Trust Wild Tribe and Torquay Boys Grammar School) over the weekend – fantastic weather! There may have been a keen breeze but we were in sunshine all the time.

We started off on Saturday morning from Postbridge.


Heading out of Bellever Forest

BelleverUp to the top of Bellever Tor

From BelleverBelleverThe view from the top of Bellever

Some time later …. after passing through Nunn’s Cross Farm we ended up in Evil Combe where we camped for the night. Scary name but a great tranquil place. The name Evil comes from the old Dartmoor Tin Miner’s name for an iron pick: an evil!

CampRed sky at night! It was great hearing snipe drumming over the mire as we camped.

Lower Hartor

Lots of teams out training on the south moor this weekend – a person on Lower Hartor

Nest day we all headed east towards the Dart Valley, Yar Tor and Corndon Tor.

Corndon Cross

The memorial cross near the summit of Corndon Tor


In memory of Evelyn Cave-Penney who died in WWI in Palestine – he was shot by a sniper. The memorial has a poppy wreath placed at its base by a local Scout troop. The inscription says ‘Look up and lift your heads’ – definately – the view from here is fantastic.

Sharp TorOnto Sharp Tor and the view onto Venford Reservoir

Nunns Cross Farm58km later back to Nunn’s Cross Farm.

Great weekend – well done to all!

DartSoc Xmas walk and BBQ

Today was the last Dartmoor Society walk of the year for Torquay Boys Grammar School and the National Trust Wild Tribe – it was the traditional Christmas Walk and BBQ!

We were not alone in the car park at the start.



For some there were some really boggy bits

Out of the bog


Here are the 45 milers at Fice’s Well┬ábeing told the legends of the place after having discovered chocolate.


Feiss Well


Here is the chocolate Santa


Feiss Well - santa


On the way back – a rest a Little Mis Tor – with Great Staple in the background


Little Mis


Great Staple


Great Staple


The traditional xmas BBQ






Happy Christmas to all at TBGS and TGGS

Sunset at Castle Drogo

Been at meetings with our fantastic volunteers today at Castle Drogo – they were getting a very comprehensive briefing from the team on what will happen during the 5 year building project. The key messages were that we will stay open all the time and that the visitor experience will be new and very exciting – something not to miss. And …. most importantly – our volunteers are central to our success!

We were also treated to a lovely sunset. Here are a few pictures of it.




Kes Tor



Thanks to everyone who came and we do it all again tomorrow!