Dunster Castle – what a treat

I visited Dunster Castle today with my Mum and Caroline – Mother’s Day treat! What a great day – have never been before – possibly because it is a long way from anywhere! I live in Exeter and Mum lives in Barnstaple – 200 mile round trip – but it was really worth it.

Was a great day out and only the second day of the new Season. The staff and volunteers were really up for it – very friendly, professional and engaging.

The weather wasn’t perfect and indeed on the way home snow was beginning to lay on high Exmoor. My full photoset of photos can be seen here¬†and here a few snaps from the day.

Castle panorama

Panorama of the front entrance

Carved coins

Carved coins on the staircase


Archway down to Dunster


The library

Palm 2

The convervatory


The snooker table


A tiled floor

Castle 1

Approaching the Castle.

Definitely worth a visit – the weather meant we didn’t explore the grounds or the village but wish we had – a full day out for all the family I reckon.