The wildlife of Knightshayes

We went over to Knightshayes Court yesterday with my mum for lunch and afternoon tea. In between the gastronomics we wandered around the gardens and the Walled Garden. The weather was glorious and we saw a lot of wildlife.

Marbled white 2Here is a marbled white in the Walled Garden – a really pretty butterfly whose caterpillars feed on specific fine leaved native grasses.

Narrow bordered 5 spot burnet 1And here is a mating pair of narrow bordered 5 spot burnets whose caterpillars feed on various wild legumes such as greater bird’s foot trefoil

Narrow bordered 5 spot burnet 2Another shot of the same day flying moths

Knighteshayes 7Great display of ox eye daisies

Knighteshayes 5The willow deer in front of the house – we also saw some red deer in the parkland

Knighteshayes 4A willow badger in the woodland gardens

Knighteshayes 6Very gothic!

Gravel Knights Monster And finally Рsomething new for me Рthe gravel Knights monster!