Our new gig

Had two rows this morning, the first in our new as yet un-named gig which was funded by the OneFamily Foundation after we won the public ballot last year – which many of you helped us with.

So here is the new gig – which will be named in due course and will then be going to the Isles of Scilly for the World Championships

Rodney Bey was also out this morning – this is the Exmouth A crew and I’m in the new gig with the B crew

Out early – the sun rises over the sea front at Exmouth

Rodney Bey

Getting ready to race the A crew who only seem to have 5 oars? They still beat us though but we did have a broken pin at the start ……..

The trace of the first row

Both gigs together

Trace of the shorter second row

The new gig is a treat to row and is fabulous!

Thanks OneFamily Foundation.

If you fancy gig rowing with the Exmouth Gig Club – press here.

The rules of the sea

Yesterday I went to a course  which started the process about becoming a cox for Exmouth Gig Club. Here are a few photos from my note book.

Different types of buoys – lateral buoys: red on the left (port), green on the right (starboard) – mark the navigable channel when entering a port; cardinal markers – locating hazards and various other buoys.

coxing-2How has priority on the sea and how to avoid collisions

coxing-3Blasts on the horn along with spring and neap tides

coxing-4The rule of twelfths and the impact of highs and lows

coxing-6Buoys in the Exe Estuary

coxing-5And how they really are from the Exmouth Tidetable 2017

A great day – thanks Max

Rowing as a crew

After a pretty intense week of agri-environmental politics it was good to get out onto the sea this morning at Exmouth. The crews from the World Championships on the Isles of Scilly have now been selected and I am rowing at 1 in the B boat – really chuffed.

Seat 1 is at the bow i.e. the pointy end! Ben, our cox is at the stern (next to seat 6) and we are having a breather off the beach at Exmouth

Using our lovely new race oars

We rowed around 3.6 miles and it was the first time we have ever trained as a race crew – high hopes!

A brilliant row

Up at the crack of dawn this morning and on the water at 8am- well nearly РI was a little late  Рsorry all. The Exe this morning was a mill pond and our 50 minute row was serene.

In total we rowed around 3.5 miles – no photos – sorry – I was rowing!

A great start to the day – followed by 6 hours 30 minutes driving to collect my step son from Oxford Brookes University at the end of his term.

Having a glass of wine now …..

Rowing at dawn

My training for the World Gig Rowing Championships on the Isles of Scilly next April/May began this morning. In fact it began at dawn …… A group of us were on the beach at Exmouth at 7am before it was even light. It was 4 degree and the tide was two hours off high. We had launched Avocet and were rowing by 7.20 just as the sun came up. My feet were so cold but other than that it was a very pleasant row. Polly coxed us very well in some trying tidal conditions.

After we got back at 8.20 the next crew went out

Perfect conditions

Lots more of these early starts over the coming autumn and winter months – just need to work out how to keep my feet warm ….