Rarities from a Dartmoor boggy meadow

I went over to the wet meadows at the west end of Fernworthy Reservoir in search of marsh fritillaries – I failed to see any as it is probably too early in the season but I did manage to find a few other interesting things.

Ctenicera cuprea
This is Ctenicera cuprea – a click beetle  see here for more details

Ctenicera cuprea map
The distribution map from the National Biodiversity Network only shows records from the Somerset bit of the Exmoor National Park – UPDATE – despite what the map shows it has apparently been recorded before on Dartmoor – thanks Keith Alexander

Sericomyia lappona
I also found this hoverfly Sericomyia lappona which is quite uncommon on Dartmoor

Sericomyiia lappona map
It has been seen before on Dartmoor but not at Fernworthy

Green-veined white
There were a lot of green-veined white butterflies on the wing- their caterpillars feed on cuckoo flower which was abundant in the wet meadows

FrogI worry about treading on things when I walk about in wet grassland and bogs …. I should’t worry as a frog stood on me!

3 thoughts on “Rarities from a Dartmoor boggy meadow

  1. Simon nice images here. It reminds me I need to get out to photograph the Marsh Frits this year. I normally head to North Devon, but I had heard that the Fernworthy population was expanding and worth a visit. It is public access?

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