Goodbye, thank you and good luck Fiona

Today was a happy and a sad day. Dame Fiona Reynolds our charismatic Director General visited Castle Drogo for the last time as part of her ‘good-bye tour’ – she is leaving the Trust later this summer.

I have known Fiona for 12 years – firstly as the Property Manager at Wicken Fen, where she was massively supportive of my Wicken Fen Vision – without her it would never have happened and more recently as an advocate of the ‘Saving Castle Drogo – ensuring its a Design of Life Project!

We hosted a good-bye and thank you lunch today – here are a few photographs.

On the roof at Castle Drogo with some of the Saving Castle Drogo Project Team

With Eleanor Redgrave – our long-term volunteer who is leaving in August and is then walking back to Suffolk on a sponsored walk to raise money for ‘Saving Castle Drogo’ – support Eleanor here.

The wonderful locally produced lunch – thank you Christine, Sue and Rob – you did Drogo proud – as you know Fiona loved it and said so!

Part of the happy team of Drogo staff and volunteers – 3 staff – 3 volunteers – I bet you can’t tell which is which!

Good luck Fiona and thanks for coming today. I will really miss you – but I will keep in contact and will bend your ear every now and again to support the Wicken Fen Vision – as Master at Emmanuel College you will be just around the corner and you will have an address book to die for! xx