Buckland Abbey’s Rembrandt

We held our Devon General Manager’s meeting at Buckland Abbey yesterday. At the end of the formal meeting we visited the Abbey to see the Rembrandt. Press here to read the story of the ‘discovery’ of the Buckland Rembrandt.Here are a few photos.

Rembrandt 2Fully restored and looking great – the Rembrandt we never knew we had!

Rembrandt 1Part of the interpretation – the story behind its discovery

Rembrandt 4The painter’s colours

Rembrandt 3Tools of the trade

Rembrandt selfiePart of the exhibition encourages you to take a selfie with Rembrandt – here’s mine! You then upload it to a special Flickr gallery to become part of the story.

We also had a whistle stop tour of the newly opened top end Cider House Bed and Breakfast business – see here – wow! And we had a quick visit to the lovely Cider House gardens.

Cider House 4The Cider House B and B is fitted out and decorated to a very high standard

Cider House 3Room with a view

Cider House 2Gargoyle in the garden

Cider House 1A garden full of flowers – a tranquil oasis

Full set of photos from the visit here.