A Rhino at Paddington Station

Not only are there rhinos in Exeter (see here) and in Torbay – there is also one at Paddington Station.

This is George – he has been designed in the style of the 1950 railway posters to promote South Devon

There is still time to see the rhinos in Exeter and Torbay (see here for details) – all part of a project to promote their conservation. The rhinos will be out and about until the 9th October.

The Rhinos of Exeter

I spent much of Thursday walking around Exeter looking out for the Rhinos! It is a modern art project highlighting the plight of rhinos in the wild run by Wild in Art, Torbay Council, Exeter City Council and Paignton Zoo and sponsored by Stagecoach South West. It follows on from a similar project about gorillas held in 2013 – see here. For more details about the Great Big Rhino Trail see here. The project is being hosted in Exeter and Torbay – in total there are 40 full size rhinos and 53 baby ones. Here is a selection of photos of the ones we found in Exeter.

Rhinos 45
Targeted – outside Exeter St Davids Station

Rhinos 18
Paladin – Exeter Central Station

Rhinos 16
This is Rocking Rhino at Exeter’s Underground Passages. A nice personal story attached to this one. I am a member of the Devon and Exeter Squash Club – the artwork on this rhino was designed by 8 year old Harry Lings, whose father Adam is the owner of the Squash Club. The painting of the design was done by Cat Brewer, a graphic designer and member of the Squash Club!

Rhinos 5
Dino Rhino outside Exeter Cathedral

Rhinos 6
Charge on Fore Street – I really hope rhinos fare better than poor BHS has

Rhinos 2Detail from Aquamarhino in Princesshay – free swimming fish

Rhinos 3
On the other side – netted …..

Rhinos 8
Symbiosis also in Princesshay

Rhinos 11
Cath – representing Exeter Cathedral in Southernhay Gardens

Rhinos 14
Finding Faru also in Southernhay Gardens

Rhinos 44
Hope at Exeter Quay

Rhinos 40
Horn detail of All Creatures Great and Small in Harlequin’s Shopping Centre

Rhinos 32
Precious in the Royal Albert Memorial Museum

Rhinos 20
Castle Siege at Exeter Castle – perhaps my favourite – I love all the detail on it

Rhinos 22
Not everyone likes being under siege

Rhinos 31
Unfortunately someone vandalised this one – RhinoBeta3107 – the moving rhino currently outside Exeter Library

Rhinos 28Maximus outside Exeter Library

Rhinos 41Glimpses in the Guildhall Shopping Centre

Rhinos 1

Finally a Flickr album of all my rhino pictures

A great way to see the City of Exeter and a great way to highlight rhino issues and conservation.

The project runs in Exeter and Torbay until the 9th October.


Rhinos in Exeter – a little taster

My diary tells me that I have put aside the 1st September to track down the Exeter Rhinos! This is a conservation project run by Paignton Zoo and supported by Wild in Art, Exeter City Council and Torbay Council to help protect the rapidly dwindling rhino populations in Africa and Asia.  In essence there are over 50 colourfully decorated life size adult and baby rhinos dotted around Exeter and Torbay. It follows on the heels on the 2013 project to highlight the plight of gorillas which I blogged about here.

Rhino 1
I am really looking forward to finding the Exeter rhinos in September but a couple of days ago I bumped into one  outside Exeter St David’s Station

This one is called Target – RAF roundels, which look like targets and of course rhinos are targets for poachers.

Rhino  3
As this pull out for the Express and Echo states the Torbay and Exeter rhinos will be around until the 9th October – get out and explore you respective Cities and find the rhinos – support conservation and raise awareness. The artwork is of a high standard and it is good way to enjoy the summer.

Rhino  2
The E & E location maps – see here for the digital versions