Hoverflies pretending to be bumblebees

The sunshine over the past few days has brought out the insects. Here are a couple of hoverflies mimicking bumblebees

This is a female Volucella bombylans – note the featherlike antennae

And this is Merodon equestris – it is mimicking the Common Carder Bumblebee

3 thoughts on “Hoverflies pretending to be bumblebees

  1. I’ve seen and photographed V.bombylans a couple of weeks ago in one of my favourite local hoverfly haunts. Nice to see the narcissi form of M.equestris you’ve captured here and I will keep my eyes open as I had them in my garden last year along with the bulborum form.

    A very interesting blog Adrian.

  2. I enjoyed reading your informative, beautifully illustrated post.

    A friend and I have been finding large black hoverflies in Kelly Bray and on Kit Hill in South-east Cornwall, near the Devon border. Not sure if I can include a photo here in this comment, but they have black round shiny spiky-haired bodies and ginger furry heads with large eyes. They look like bumblebees, but in a Dennis the Menace and Gnasher sort of way. Perhaps I can send you a photo via Twitter or Facebook, as you might know what they are. Thank you.

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