The importance of nettles

When I was at the Seaton Wetlands Reserve last weekend I photographed this nettle. It was covered with peacock butterfly caterpillars.

Peacock caterpillars
If you want to see the beautiful Peacock butterfly – let some nettles survive and flourish!

PeacockOne thing leads to another

One thought on “The importance of nettles

  1. And when you cut ’em, soak ’em in cold water for three weeks then use the liquid to fertilise roses; then you can take the fibres and spin them to make a yarn that will weave; part of Napoleon’s army wore uniforms made of nettle cloth; Or soak them for an hour and boil them up to make a shampoo; or take the young tips and boil them to make a green vegetable or go on further and make nettle soup. Amazing plant.

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