Some different moths

A few different species in the trap last night.

Ear Moth
This is the Ear Moth – so called on account of the two white sets of markings on the forewing. The larvae feed on the roots of grasses. Reasonably common but a good record for my garden.

Canary-shouldered thorn
One of my favourites – the Canary-shouldered Thorn – a common species – caterpillar feed on birch and other scrubs – emerges as an adult at the end of July so right on cue.

Brussels Lace
Needed a bit of ID help from Richard Fox for this one – it is a Brussels Lace. A locally common species in the south-west and west of the UK. Caterpillars feed on lichens.

Swallow Prominent 1
This is a Swallow Prominent – this will be a second generation animal (the first generation fly from late April to June). The caterpillars feed on aspen, poplars and willows.

4 thoughts on “Some different moths

  1. Adrian some great images, what trap are you using. I have been reading the South Milton report, the Reed Leopard moth is not on the Devon Moth group database so some homework to do

    Mike Goss

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