Brought out by the sunshine

Many species of insects were enjoying the sunshine yesterday in the Walled Garden at Parke – the numerous species of wild and cultivated flowers there make it a haven for bees, hoverflies, butterflies and beetles. Here are a few pictures.

Parke insects Bombus pratorumThis is Bombus monticola – the Mountain Bumblebee

Parke insects White tailed bb2This Bombus terrestris – the buff tailed bumblebee

Parke insects4This is Bombus lapidarius – the red tailed bumblebee

Parke insects6Take off! Bombus pratorum – the Early Bumblebee

Parke insects3 The thick knee beetle Odemera nobilis

Parke insects2

The hoverfly Syrphus vitripennis

Parke insects 14 spot ladybirdA 14 spot ladybird

All common species (except for the mountain bumblebee) but nice to see them in such numbers all the same

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