The rules of the sea

Yesterday I went to a course  which started the process about becoming a cox for Exmouth Gig Club. Here are a few photos from my note book.

Different types of buoys – lateral buoys: red on the left (port), green on the right (starboard) – mark the navigable channel when entering a port; cardinal markers – locating hazards and various other buoys.

coxing-2How has priority on the sea and how to avoid collisions

coxing-3Blasts on the horn along with spring and neap tides

coxing-4The rule of twelfths and the impact of highs and lows

coxing-6Buoys in the Exe Estuary

coxing-5And how they really are from the Exmouth Tidetable 2017

A great day – thanks Max

One thought on “The rules of the sea

  1. What a hoot! Locking up solo on the canal in my little cruiser one day, I heard 5 loud hoots from about 1/4 mile ahead; I thought it was a car on the big A road. Leaping off to close the gate behind me, I paused for a glass of water (scalding hot day) and a big steel narrowboat paused alongside. The extremely irate owner erupted. Apparently, 5 blasts of his horn meant “Leave the hrrrrrumphing gates open.” (I don’t know how many blasts would have indicated “I am about to have an apoplectic fit.”)

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