One Hut Full at Exeter Cathedral

I went down to the Cathedral in Exeter yesterday to see  One Hull Full. What I hear you say? Well to quote their website ‘OneHutFull is a multi-sensory journey through the past, present and future, immersing visitors in the world of hill farming on Dartmoor‘. Sounds right up my street!

One Hut Full 1A new custom made shepherd’s hut which you can go into to watch the video in front of Exeter Cathedral
(Exeter Cathedral was built using the profits from the wool industry in the 11th century)

One Hut FullA Whiteface Dartmoor ewe

The One Hut Full project is supported by the Whiteface Dartmoor  Sheep Breeders AssociationThe moors and heaths of Dartmoor have been used by farmers for at least 3,000 years. And for much of that time, Whiteface Dartmoor sheep have grazed the lands. One of the oldest breeds of sheep in Britain, the Whiteface Dartmoor has evolved to withstand the winds and rain of the moors, while providing excellent meat and high quality wool.

One Hut Full 2Beautifully made traditional shepherd’s hut

One Hut Full 5Made by E Butterfield from Dorset

One Hut Full 6

Newly cast wheels

One Hut Full 8Multi-media screens within the hut tell the story – past present and future

The past when over 70,000 thousand whiteface Dartmoor sheep grazed the moor to the present where only 1,000 still survive and then to the future where if hill farming is to flourish ‘we need to inspire a new generation of farmers, artisans, producers and consumers. To do that, we need to celebrate the innovators of today and demonstrate what could be achieved in the future. And we have to reach new audiences‘.

One Hut Full 4Bespoke hand made Whiteface Dartmoor sheep products have a part to play

One Hut Full 3Innovative new products like Twool – a versatile twine made from Whiteface Dartmoor wool

One Hut Full will be touring around the county and elsewhere this year spreading the word – we really hope the Hut will make appearances at Finch Foundry (which was once a serge i.e. woollen mill) and  Castle Drogo. Other venues on the itinery include the Bovey Tracey Contemporary Craft Festival and Widecombe Fair.

The One Hull Full website is a rich source of information, memories and inspiration. The future of hill farming is often discussed and this project offers a new way of looking at the issues and coming up with some solutions. Well done Paula and the team.

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