Drogo’s squirrel proof bird feeder!

From Visitor Reception at Castle Drogo it is possible to watch the birds on the feeders outside – there is a good range of species – great tit, blue tit, coal tit, chaffinch, nuthatch and even greater spotter woodpeckers. Wherever there are bird feeders with nuts and seeds there are also grey squirrels. Bird feeder designers have gone to great lengths to try and produce feeders which are squirrel proof. Indeed there have even been BBC documentaries showing the schemes people go to trying to ensure that the nuts and seeds are only available to the birds.

Squirrels however are very tenacious…..

Here are a few photos I took this morning showing the squirrel proof feeder at Drogo. The young squirrel was so busy gorging himself on the peanuts that I able to get really close. The final photo shows him when he realised I was there – perhaps this would be a candidate for a ‘caption competition’!

Castle Drogo has a second hand squirrel proof bird feeder for sale if you are interested.

5 thoughts on “Drogo’s squirrel proof bird feeder!

  1. Such a chheky brood of squirrels this year, smart little guys… but what happens if he eats all the nuts-and will it be a case of does my bum look big in this ?

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