The moor around Belstone

We were out on Saturday 10 Tors training. Our job to to checkpoint teams through Hound Tor (the other Hound Tor near Steeperton Tor) and then across the concrete ford near Belstone. The weather during the day was superb and we were treated to a variety of spectacular views.

From Oke Tor looking north to West Mill Tor and Rowtor

From Hound Tor down to Cosdon Hill

Down into Taw Marsh with Belstone Tor in the background

Across to High Willhays, Yes Tor, West Mill Tor and Rowtor with East Mill Tor in the middle distance

routeHere is the route we took – it around a 10 mile walk from Belstone – there are quite a few river crossings at various fords – if you plan to do this walk you will need good walking boots, gaiters, a map and a compass!

Out to Oke Tor

What a fantastic day yesterday was! And a day of weather that no one really predicted. We were out 10 Tors training with National Trust Wild Tribe and Torquay Boys Grammar School.

Taw1Started from Belstone walking up the Taw to check the ford a little bit further up – plenty of water in the river.

Taw2Standing in the middle of Taw ford – no problems here

Taw3A group going through Oke Tor

Taw4Looking over to Belstone Tor

Taw5Looking right down the Taw valley over Taw Marsh with Belstone Tor on the left and Cosdon beginning to rise on the right

A great day out – I was on ‘hovering duty’ yesterday so didn’t get down to Great Kneeset and Dinger Tor like some of the other groups so I was able to drop down to Finch Foundry as well to see how Saint Clements day was getting on – will report on that in tomorrow’s blog