The art gallery at Hestercombe – Oceans

Hestercombe House is now empty and acts as a large gallery. When I visited it was hosting an exhibition called Oceans by Tania Kovats who lives in Devon. The exhibition runs until 11th January 2015 – well worth a visit. Here are a few photos of a some of the pieces of art.

Hestercombe 4Large wall installation of a calm sea

Hestercombe 5One of the rooms contains a huge collection of bottles filled with water from the world’s oceans – brilliant

Hestercombe 9A sculpture of basalt – its the Giant’s Causeway in miniature!

Hestercombe 7A wave made of wax

Hestercombe 10This sign is on one of the walls and points back to the building’s former use as Somerset Fire Service’s HQ