A couple of speckled woods

There were several speckled wood butterflies in my garden yesterday. They were still chasing each other around in the autumn sunshine and then occasionally basking on the vegetation.



Reflecting on the year – I think it has been a terrible year for butterflies – I’ve hardly seen any small tortoiseshells, only a couple of red admirals and a handful¬†of painted ladies.

Butterfly Conservation is blaming a cool spring and a slow start to the summer for the low numbers of small tortoiseshell – a species that has already plummeted 73% since the 1970s. To me, a decline of that order can’t solely be explained by poor weather ….

The Speckled wood

The speckled wood butterfly is a common species and is found in woodlands and gardens. It likes dappled shade.

Speckled wood
It is a species which is increasing its range as a result of climate change

Speckled wood 2
It can over winter as a caterpillar or a chrysalis and as a result can have three overlapping broods which are on the wing between March and October