Postbridge’s bridges

When I was out on Sunday looking at the snow I also stopped at Postbridge to take some pictures of the two bridges there. The following pictures are long exposure shots which have undergone a process known as ‘High Dynamic Range’. Three pictures of each shot are taken at different exposures and these are then merged together. So these are highly manipulated pictures – they are fun to take and process and I quite like them!







A snowy Sunday on Dartmoor

I went up to Dartmoor yesterday to see the snow – there was plenty of it about on the high moor.

Bennett's Cross 1
This is Bennett’s Cross near to the Warren House Inn

Bennett's Cross 2
Another view looking over to Soussons

Postbridge 2
At Postbridge looking up the East Dart Valley

Postbridge 3
House at Postbridge

Meldon Hill
Meldon Hill

Didn’t see any reckless parking or trespassing on private land which was good but I did hear things might have been different around Princetown.

Why do so many Germans go to Postbridge?

The car park at Postbridge appears to attract a lot of German cars and coaches and for a long time I had wondered why. Now I know! Apparently in Germany Sunday night is Rosamunde Pilcher night. She is a British author who is very popular in Germany and as a result many of her books have been filmed and serialised. Sunday night is when the programmes are broadcast. The Postbridge clapper bridge apparently is one of the locations for filming – thus its popularity with German tourists! It is not only Dartmoor that sees this phenomenon – it also happens in Cornwall – see here for more details.

Clapper 1The famous clapper bridge

Clapper 3It may have been built as early as 1300

Clapper 2A very popular tourist spot close to a big car park – I bet you have stood on the bridge and had your picture taken!