National Moth Weekend

The past weekend has seen National Moth night occur – the idea is to get moth recorders from all over the country to record the moths in their area and submit the records. Being in September this year the event focused on migrant moths. I ran a trap in my garden and recorded a few species including a couple of migrants – the Silver Y and the tiny Rush Veneer. Amazing to think that these tiny animals had flown up to Devon from either North Africa or Spain!

A couple of weeks ago I did find a rare migrant in my trap – the Ni Moth

Ni moth 1
Ni Moth in Exton in August

Dusky thorn1I did mange to also find this Dusky Thorn in the trap – a common resident

Dusky thorn2Amazing antennae

Light emeraldAlong with this rather delicate Light Emerald – another common resident

Convolvulus hawkmoth  2I had hoped to also catch a Convolvulus Hawk Moth but no luck! Here is one I found on the Isles of Scilly (St Mary’s) in 2006. This is one of the ‘famous’ migrant species andĀ if the rain stops then I might still find one this year!

A rare migrant moth

Yesterday I caught this moth in my trap in the garden in Exton. It is a Ni Moth – a species I have never seen before – it is related to the Silver Y which is a fairly common species. Both the Ni Moth and the Silver Y are migrants coming over to Britain on favourable winds from the Continent. The individual was released after photographing.

Ni moth 2
Ni Moth photographed in the shade

Ni moth 1Photographed in the sunshine


Ni moth 3Here is a close up of the wing showing the characteristic ‘n’ marking

It is a very rare migrant to Devon with only a handful of records in recent years, none were recorded in 2014.

Thanks to Richard Fox, from Butterfly Conservation for help with the ID