The Wonder of the Day

This autumn moth the Merveille du Jour is one of my favourites. Its name derives from the French meaning Wonder of the Day.

The adult moth flies in September and October and often feeds on ivy flowers and fallen fruit.

Its distinct colours and patterning enable it to lie hidden during the day on lichen covered trees.

The caterpillars feed in the spring on newly emerged oak tree flowers.

Merveille du Jour – brightness on a gloomy day

The Merveille du Jour or ‘wonder of the day’ is one of autumn’s classic moths. It only flies in September and October (and of course November when it is this mild). This one was in my trap yesterday.

Merveille de jour 1
Its stunning markings make it unmistakable

Merveille de jour 3
Put this moth on a leafy background and it will disappear ….

Merveille de jour 2
Camoflage made up of tiny scales

The caterpillars feed on the flowers of pedunculate and sessile oak