Coastal erosion at Leasfoot Beach

Apart from seeing the Desert Wheatear on Leasfoot Beach near Thurlestone last weekend I also came across the aftermath of the 2014 storms which hit the south coast of Devon.

The small road which runs down from the cliff top car park towards the golf course has been swept away

leasfoot-beach-1Looking back from the other direction you get a good impression of how much land the sea gouged out

south-milton-sandsFrom the top car park you look down onto South Milton Sands – the same storm removed a lot of the sand dunes and also took away the road at the far end of the beach where the buildings are.

Sea level rise and increased storminess resulting from climate change will make these kind of episodes more common in the future.

A Desert Wheatear on Leasfoot Beach

I had heard (via Birdguides) that there was a Desert Wheatear on Leasfoot Beach which adjacent to Thurlestone Golf Course close to the Club House. So I popped down at lunch time yesterday to see it.

It is a very rare vagrant in Britain – the species normally breeds in the dry steppes and semi-deserts of Africa, the Middle East and Asia. The recent strong easterly winds must have blown it off course and somehow it ended up in Devon. Here are a few photos of the bird – it is a 1st winter male.