Moths and Gugh

Allan Goddard, one of our house mates ran a moth trap last night  – here are 3 of the rarer immigrant moths.

This is a female Gem – often recorded on Scilly – much scarcer elsewhere.

This is a Dark Sword Grass

This is a Scarce Bordered Straw

Many of the gardens on the Islands currently have this rather splendid flower – the Red Angel’s Trumpet – a highly poisonous / haluncenogenic  plant related to the Daturas or Thorn Apples

In the afternoon we went over to Gugh – here is remains of the old now dis-used quay

This is an old kelp pit (where the seaweed was burnt to produce potash and soda used in the glass and soap industries) north west of Kittern Hill on the coastal path

In the last couple of years the Wildlife Trust have created a path to and cleared and area around this old Bronze Age burial chamber known as Carn Valla – I’ve not seen this before – good to see it revealed

At high tide Gugh is separated from St Agnes so you have to time your crossings – today we didn’t ….

St Agnes and Gugh 2

A section of photos from our meanderings around St Agnes and Gugh today.

ring-ouzel-1A nice Ring Ouzel from Gugh

black-redstart_Another fabulous Black Redstart

starling-2A calling Starling

sundailAn interesting hare weather vane

nags-headThe Nag’s Head on St Agnes

queen-victoria‘Queen Victoria’ at the entrance to St Agnes Quay

rock-on-gughAn interesting rock on Gugh!

graniteDartmoor comes to Gugh

dolphin-skeletonWe found this short – beaked common dolphin spine of Gugh – Steve gives a sense of scale

sunset-gughAnother cracking sunset – this time from Gugh showing the Hermitage and the Bishop Rock Lighthouse

sunset-gugh-2The same but this time including the St Agnes Lighthouse as well

Over to St Agnes

We moved from St Mary’s over to St Agnes today – we now have a week based here. No internet connection in the house so can only post my blog from the Turk’s Head pub …….

Once over on Agnes we went for a walk over to Gugh which is connected to St Agnes by a sand bar / tombolo

sandbarThe tombolo at low tide

A view looking south over the Gugh Standing Stone

Same Stone looking north

And the amazing Gugh cist

A smart black redstart on the beach at Periglis

And finally an amazing sunset looking west out to the Bishop Rock Lighthouse

The Bishop

The bigger picture

Scilly scenes

Scilly has been beautiful in the sunshine over the last few days – it’s amazing to think that Devon and Cornwall have had rain, sleet and snow.

Bryher 1
This is the view from Shipman Head Down on Bryher

Bryher 2
This is Popplestone Neck at low tide on Bryher

Gugh Bar
On Wingletang on St Agnes looking up to the sand bar and over to Gugh

Nag's HeadLooking up to the Nag’s Head on St Agnes

Granite outcrops on Wingletang on St Agnes

Porth Killier
Porth Killier on St Agnes

The Bishop
Over to the Bishop Lighthouse

Santa Warna
Santa Warna on St Agnes

Queen Victoria - Gugh
Queen Victoria Rock off Gugh

Men a vaur
Man a vaur in the Northern Isles

Hugh Town
The view of St Mary’s harbour from the golf course

Poster images of places on Dartmoor and Scilly

I have been playing with some of my photographs in Photoshop – I have for a while wanted to produce some old vintage poster effects. Thanks to some technical support from Simon Lloyd of Visit Dartmoor I now know how do it – thanks Simon. They won’t be to everyone’s liking but I am quite pleased with my initial results.

Hen Tor Poster 1
The National Trust’s property in the Plym Valley – looking down from Hen Tor

Upper Plym posterThe Upper Plym near Calverslake Tor

Cauldron - poster
Inside the Devil’s Cauldron at Lydford Gorge

Teign poster 1
The River Teign near Fingle Bridge

Bennett's Cross PosterBennett’s Cross

Agnes - Gugh bar
The sand bar between St Agnes and Gugh on the Isles of Scilly

Mermaid storm
Waves crashing over the breakwater on St Mary’s in the Isles of Scilly

Thrift posterThrift on St Mary’s – Isles of Scilly

Great blue heron - poster 1Great Blue Heron – St Marys – Isles of Scilly – second British record

Black Redstart - poster 1Black redstart on Porthcressa beach – Isles of Scilly

(All the images are my copyright)