We’ve got a new gig boat!

Exmouth Gig Rowing Club has managed to acquire a new gig boat – we now have two.

Yesterday we launched our new boat – Avocet. Here are a few pictures of the launch day – see here for my photo gallery from the day.

Gig 1Here is the new boat before it has been named and blessed on the beach at Exmouth

Gig 13Here is the Vicar James Hutchings blessing the new gig with holy water

Gig 24And it’s launched

Gig 26Off the Exmouth beach

Gig 21Ben and Carrie – the driving forces behind the Exmouth Gig Club – without them we wouldn’t exist!

Gig 33The new boat Avocet back with Rodney Bey – our first boat

Want to get involved too and try gig rowing?  Contact us – here