Around Cuckoo Rock

On Sunday we were check pointing our 10 Tors teams at Norsworthy Bridge at the eastern end of Burrator Reservoir. We had a bit of time on our hands so we went for a short walk up to Cuckoo Rock.

Cuckoo Rock
Cuckoo Rock is a large boulder below Combshead Tor – its name is shrouded in mystery – some say the top of the rock looks like a cuckoo. Maybe. The area around the rock however is very suitable for cuckoos with lots of ‘perching’ trees and a lotĀ of meadow pipit habitat. I have seen and heard cuckoos here in the past (they will be back within a month!) Cuckoo Rock in the past was said to be a place where smuggled goods were hidden and today it is a popular place for bouldering – a form of technical low level climbing. See here for more stories about Cuckoo Rock.

Cuckoo Rock panorama
From Cuckoo Rock there are some great views of Dartmoor – looking west with Sheeps Tor poking out above the trees

Narrator Brook 1
Looking east up the Narrator Brook

Narrator Brook 2
A lovely wooded valley as it approaches Burrator Reservoir

Leather Tor
Great views of Leather Tor in the foreground the Sharpitor behind

Burrator Res
On the way back to Princetown we stopped so I could photograph Burrator Reservoir

The walk to Cuckoo Rock from Norsworthy Bridge is an easy one – it is around 2 miles out and back along an obviously defined path. There is a car park at Norsworthy Bridge and the track starts on the eastern edge.