Moths and a bumblebee

The numbers of moths in my trap are beginning to build up with the milder weather.

This is an Early Thorn – love the beady eye!

This is a Chestnut – lovely orangey colour and distinctive black marks

This is a Brindled Pug – pugs are not very easy to identify ….

This is a Clouded Drab – an unkind name perhaps

And finally there was a rather sleepy Tree Bumblebee in the trap as well – a recent colonist to Britain but one that has been very successful and spread far and wide.

More early spring moths

A few more moths in the trap this morning.

This is an Early Moth – the adult flies in January and February and the caterpillars feed on blackthorn and hawthorn in April and May – it over winters as a pupa.

chestnutThis is a Chestnut – the adults fly from September through to May and the caterpillars feed on oak, elms, blackthorn, hawthorn and birch.

dotted-border-1This is the Dotted Border (which I wrote about yesterday) – it is a different animal from yesterday as it is more darkly marked – in total there were four in the trap this morning.