Mosses make our woodlands and walls what they are

This year I am going to brush up my mosses ID skills – ‘brush up’ makes it sound a quick process – I am starting from a pretty low base so it will be quite an effort.

It is easy to think that during the winter and early spring that there are ‘no plants to look at’ – OK there are very few flowers out but there are hundreds and hundreds of amazing looking mosses and liverworts.

Thuidium tamariscinumThis is Thuidium tamariscinum or the Common Tamarick moss – found the following three species in woodland beside the Teign on the Castle Drogo estate

Polytrichum communePolytrichum commune or Common haircap

Dicranum scopariumDicranum scoparium Broom fork moss

Grimmia pulvinataGrimmia pulvinata Grey cushioned Grimmia –  a common species on walls

As I said before – it is early days so if I have identified these incorrectly please let me know!