Emsworthy’s bluebell lawns

The bluebells at Emsworthy are coming into full flower – it is an impressive and joyous sight.

Emsworthy bluebells 4
Emsworthy is a nature reserve owned and managed by the Devon Wildlife Trust – see here for location and details

Emsworthy bluebells 1
It is located west of Haytor and Saddle Tor on the road to Widecombe

Emsworthy bluebells 2
Look out for the orange barn – that is where you need to head

Emsworthy bluebells 3
The spectacle is all the more enhanced by the calling of the cuckoo – zoology and botany hail our┬áspring

Bluebells are flowering at last on Dartmoor

Because the climate on Dartmoor is harsher than the surrounding lowlands bluebells take time to come into flower – sometimes they are a month later. Well at last the bluebells on Dartmoor are now in full flower. A real treat to enjoy. Most Dartmoor woods have bluebells but if you want specific places to go try the National Trust’s Lydford Gorge, Fingle Woods, Castle Drogo Estate, Whiddon Deer Park, Parke, Hembury, Holne, Shaugh Prior Woods and Plymbridge Woods! Plenty to choose from.

BluebellA bluebell in the Teign Valley


Bluebell2Bluebells in the sunshine

Greater stitchwortAlso flowering now – greater stitchwort

PignutJust coming into leaf – the distinctive pignut


A little later in the year those wonderful bluebell lawns will appear – see here for more details.


Whiddon Deer Park – a magical place

I visited Whiddon Deer Park in the Teign Valley which is on the opposite side of the valley to Castle Drogo. It is a magical place – bluebells, ancient trees and a great sculpture by Peter Randall Page. It is also a very important site in a national context for invertebrates and lichens.

WDP8A bluebell glade

WDP1Ancient and young trees

WDP14More bluebells

WDP12An oak growing around a piece of granite

WDP4The Avenue

WDP2Peter Randall Page’s sculpture


CattleCattle in the Park

Dartmoor’s bluebell lawns

Bluebells don’t just grow under trees in woodlands – on Dartmoor there are several places where they grow in the open on the moor. They are spectacular – here are a few photos – one place owned by the National Trust, two owned by others (not sure who though).

HolwellThis is Holwell Lawn – drive past Haytor and then taken the road to Hound Tor – you can’t miss them

Holwell 2Haytor in the background – bluebells in the foreground

Greator RocksClose by is another enormous patch of bluebells  beside Greator Rocks with Hound Tor in the background (viewed from the road just past Haytor)

Whiddon DP bluebells 1The bluebells in Whiddon Deer Park near Castle Drogo (photo by my colleague Tom Wood)

Whiddon DP bluebells 2Bluebells in a glade high up in Whiddon Deer Park