A Four-spotted Footman and Black Arches

A couple of striking moths in the trap this morning

This is a Four-spotted Footman – it is a male, the females have the spots. It is a rare moth, designated as a Nationally Notable A, it is reasonably well distributed in the south west and I record it in my garden most years. Its larvae feed on lichens.

This pretty moth is Black Arches – a local species residing in the south of the UK. Its caterpillars feed on oaks.

More amazing moths

This weather is fantastic more moths! My trap last night had hundreds of animals in it – here are a few of them.

Black arches
This is Black Arches – a local species in the south – caterpillars feed on oak

The Drinker – usually a species of wetlands but it does like in gardens – caterpillars feed on coarse grasses like cocksfoot

This is the Gothic – another local species – first time I have seen it – caterpillars feed on a variety of shrubs and plants

The Phoenix
This is the Phoenix – common – caterpillars feed on black currants, red currants and gooseberry