Toast the coast

We went for a walk along the coast on Saturday afternoon to Orcombe Point to celebrate the Trust’s 50 Years of its Neptune Coastal campaign. There were lots of people out and about enjoying the sea, the walks and coastal views. In my view its about the most successful and worthwhile thing the NT has ever done. Long may it continue.

Orcombe point
Orcombe Point with its ‘Jurassic Coast’ needle made from all the different types of rock found along the Jurassic Coast

Marbled white 2
We also saw a few beautiful marbled white butterflies – the NT is now turning its attention to bringing wildlife back to our countryside  – lets hope that is as successful as Neptune has been

Marsh heleborine
On Sunday I visited Dawlish Warren National Nature Reserve which is owned and managed by Teignbridge District Council. A fantastic display of marsh helleborine orchids

Strangalia maculataAlong with this great longhorn beetle – Strangalia maculata

Lundy Views

Here are a few of my pictures from Lundy and here is a link to the full photosetLundy NT
By the quay looking down the east coast

East Coat 'tor'If it wasn’t for the sea in the background this could be Dartmoor!

The Devil's Chimney and the NeedleThe Devil’s Chimney and the Needle

The Devil's SlideThe Devil’s Slide

Cave off the BatteryA cave near the Battery

West Coast 3Rugged shores  facing the Atlantic

Ally Sloper RockThe Ally Sloper Rock

What an amazing place……

This year the National Trust is celebrating 50 years of our Neptune Campaign for the Coast.

Lundy was bought by the NT in 1969 as part of that Campaign thanks to a very generous donation by Sir Jack Hayward. Lundy is now leased by the NT to the Landmark Trust.

The rarest wild plant in Devon or is that Britain?

I went to Dawlish Warren yesterday to look for the Sand Crocus Romulea columnae. It only grows on the Warren and one other place  in the UK (Polruan in Cornwall). It was first discovered in 1834. Here is a little more information.

Warren 36 petals – stringy leaves

Warren 4It is about 4mm across

Warren 5It flowers from late March to April and the flowers only open in the sunshine

The sun and moon at Saunton Sands

We went up to Saunton Sands in North Devon yesterday for a walk. It was a gloriously sunny but very cold day. Here are a few of the photos I took and here is the link to my photo set.

Saunton Sands4A low bright sun is always fun to shoot in!

Saunton Sands9I really like the colours in this one

Saunton Sands12The moon was less boisterous but was still impressive

Saunton Sands15I love the kitsch at the cafe

Saunton Sands16And the helpful advice on my hot chocolate

Saunton Sands17All followed by a great sunset