Parke’s fruit harvest

All the fruit bushes in the Walled Garden seem to be having a really good year.

NectarinesWho would have thought you could grow nectarines on Dartmoor?

PeachesPeaches too? or are they almonds …

PearsThe pears look immaculate

CherriesThose cherries look so good you could almost pick them off the page


Black currentBlack currents

A big round of applause to all the gardeners at Parke who look after all these lovely plants and make sure they flourish


Finch Foundry’s craft fair

Yesterday saw the Craft Fair at Finch Foundry – the weather was unbelievable – more beach than Dartmoor! There were about a dozen stalls offering a range of things from wine through food, woollen goods and crafts.

FF Craft stallAll the stalls on the Finch green

HoopoeInside were the works of two artists – here is Hoopoes by Diane Bailey

HareAnd here is a hare by Marielle Ebner-Rijke

MartynThe Foundry was also open – here is Martyn giving a demonstration

FoundryGarden looked fantastic in the sunshine

BottleAnd sometime later at home …. the sun set on the bottle of Eastcott sparkling wine I bought earlier ……


The Parke Cafe Robin

My offices are at Parke in Bovey Tracey and yesterday I managed to snap this robin standing on one of the picnic tables.

Parke robinNote it has a mouth full of insects – this male has a nest nearby and is about to go and feed his female or a nest of hungry chicks!

Parke CafeOpposite my office is Home Farm Cafe  – proving really  popular over Easter


New Parke picnic benchesNew picnic area is being installed in advance of a ‘walker’s cafe extension which will give a bit of extra capacity and cater for dog walkers

Parke menuHere’s the menu!

 Parke is a busy place these day as 4 organisations are based there – press these link to find out more:  Home Farm Cafe The National Trust  – Parke The Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust and of course The Dartmoor National Park Authority.

Home Farm Cafe – Parke, Bovey Tracey

It has taken quite a long time but we have finally got a cafe at Parke in Bovey Tracey. It is no ordinary cafe either!  The National Trust have leased the cafe to Stella West Harling who also set up the Ashburton Cookery School – one of the top cookery schools in Europe!

Here are a few pictures I took today.

The kitchen

The seating

The menu

The cafe

The cafe has had a ‘soft’ launch but is now fully open and ready to do business. Today we dad a steady flow of customers – all really pleased such a facility now exists at Parke. I am certain its going to be a massive success.

The cafe today also provided lunch for all those attending the Dartmoor Partnership’s AGM. The Dartmoor Partnership is an organisation which promotes Dartmoor as a tourist destination and acts as a support forum for all Dartmoor businesses – its great and I am really proud to have been elected as a Director of it today.

The Home Farm Cafe is a perfect example of how the DP aims to operate – Dartmoor organisations and businesses working together for mutual gain – using local suppliers and acting sustainably.

So, so pleased we are working with Stella and her team – using local Dartmoor produce to give our visitors a great day out.