Mires on the Moor

By chance I bumped into this report today whilst googling! Mires on the Moor: Science and evidence report 2020 relating to the re-wetting works on Dartmoor and Exmoor – thought I would share ….. I hadn’t seen it before …… important work and great science

One thought on “Mires on the Moor

  1. Thanks Adrian . Tom Greeves and I went to see G Cox and the work on Dartmoor was stopped for 5 years as lack of evidence . Tom and I both believe there still is not enough evidence ! Geoff Eyre says it has been a waste of money as much of the timber and stone is swept away in storms . Ann Willcocks and I went with Edmund to the Molinia and mires conference in Newton Rigg and Hudersfield ( Geoff who also says it dries out quickly in the summer, was kept away! ) it was organised in part by National Trust . We split into work groups and the professor on my group agreed Dartmoor was different from those around Sheffield . When I have looked at results I felt it would take time for sphagnum to repair naturally as it always does ! My main concern however is that it can stop learing and increase foot problems , fluke and a number of other diseases that the Scottish Vet School were concerned about at the Angus conference in Edinburgh a few years ago. Red water via ticks and Lyme disease with growing bracken area plays against the advantage of having dung beetles and cattle on the moor for 12 moths. When they are 15 acres to a cow anthelmintics can be spared ! Very much appreciated your WMNews article . I dont know why we are holding back on no fence , Mary Alford has offered to trial . If bulls could be running with cows in designated areas it would not be necessary to herd them back to buildings. East Devon use portable cattle crush and fence off ( electric fencing) up to 10% grazing area with Defra permission . Shortage of labour could be dramatically reduced. Rotational grazing for large herds would be possible, Layland Branfield says by using areas with access to water. I shall be interested to see how the funding for bracken works out unless Geoff Eyre cold burn in manageable areas is used if Glyphosate is banned. Best wishes Fairfax

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