Kivells livestock market

I haven’t been to a livestock market since I was a teenager when I used to go to Holsworthy market with my Uncle. Today I went to Kivells market in Exeter on the Marsh Barton Trading Estate. To the non farmer they can appear pretty intimidating.

Listen to the auctioneer

This short clip is of the auctioneer selling a single animal!

The selling of the sheep is much less frenetic

2 thoughts on “Kivells livestock market

  1. I find livestock markets fascinating, trying to work out who is bidding and how they are making their decisions; what the auctioneer is saying; and observing the social scene amongst the farmers. I’ve visited the auction marts in Hawes, Skipton and Clitheroe in recent years. I often take my little boy. He has a Postman Pat book in which Pat accidentally buys a goat at an auction because he waves to people he knows, so my boy is very diligent in not pointing or doing anything that might draw the attention of the auctioneer to us!

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