The nonsense of ‘blue’ passports

So ….. once we leave the EU we will return to British ‘blue’ passports.

However there is a technical problem …. the original British passports were ……. black

Here’s mine to prove it

What on earth is going on?

We need to get a grip and

Take back control of our senses.



6 thoughts on “The nonsense of ‘blue’ passports

    • No it won’t! The UK passport is updated every five years for security fraud features.It’s not costing you a penny more. The UK is leaving the EU so I guess the Passport is just the beginning of more change to come! There’s life beyond the European Union.As a Visitor to your Country & listening to the Brexit arguments it’s as if some people think there’s only one continent & only 27 Countries in it!

  1. It will become the symbol of Brexit Stupidity, and itwant be used that much,people from bankrupt countries don’t travel as much.

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