A Texel Ram sells for 130,000 guineas

A Texel Ram has sold at auction for 130,000 guineas & a gimmer ewe (female sheep between 1st and 2nd shearing) for 7,500guineas!

How is this possible?

How is it sustainable?

Can someone explain?

The day after this story was announced a campaign called Love Lamb Week was launched to tackle falling lamb consumption in the UK which now stands at 4.6kg per year – see here.

I’m genuinely confused.


One thought on “A Texel Ram sells for 130,000 guineas

  1. In my opinion it is good advertising! At Appleby fair it is known that £20000 for a cob with feathers on legs will be sold back to owner the next year. Most farmers buy cattle and sheep through genetic information on weight gain and carcass quality for life and if possible for offspring of bulls . Data and genomics will be name of game in future. The Balkans and Romania in particular have 7000 Angus cows out wintered near Carpathian hills in groups with vets to advise on diet and best genetic info. The president of U.K. Angus buys his Angus bulls from high NZ stations for his 300 cow herd near Kelso at
    1200 ft overwintering partly on
    Molinia. Regular weighing is the way to recording and profit!

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