National Sheep Association – Hard Brexit should not sacrifice sheep sector

There is a letter in today’s Farmers Weekly by Phil Stocker of the National Sheep Association about how the sheep sector could be seriously affected by a hard Brexit and the loss of subsidies.


There can’t be a hill-farmer in the country who is not deeply worried

Last year the NSA published a document about sheep in the uplands – I don’t agree with all of it but it is good and worth a read – download it here.

3 thoughts on “National Sheep Association – Hard Brexit should not sacrifice sheep sector

  1. The Uplands are the jewel in UK Farming crown when properly managed by farmers for Stock,
    ‪From: Geoff Eyre ‬
    ‪Date: 12 January 2017 at 22:37:05 GMT‬
    ‪To: Fairfax Luxmoore ‬
    ‪Subject: Re: [New post] The problem with Purple Moor Grass…. Molinia‬

    ‪Dear Fairfax‬


    ‪Since my 11th Feb E-mail 2016‬

    ‪Last year I had valuable dialogue with the heads of Natural England including their chief scientist about my restoration work (several visits) and recently a NE employee is studying the 5000 acres (molinia /bracken/nardus) I did in the Peak District since 1989 (mostly undocumented), my advice / input across the Northern /Scottish moors has seen over 100,000 acres improved mostly on undocumented private moors. I must say that Prof Chambers and Prof Marrs acknowledge my practical work, I very much prefer hands on work,watch results and then adjust to improve what is desired (if we ever know in todays ever changing enviro world what that is) , I suppose I should write a book,that would have to be used in references, I did start once but soon got bored. Never turned down a visit from interested parties so Adrian Colston would be more than welcome if he is ever in my area. ‬

    ‪Since your visit my methods have advanced and truly think once we Brexit the uplands should be farmed better alongside increasing wildlife diverse habitats, the GWCT farm cluster approach seems a positive step that should attract major funding for audited targets .(take back control) We can really increase food production from our upland farmed landscape the public love, we just need a Government that realise there could be a future potential exportable meat surplus and could soon be hunting out purchasers across the world, wealth is created from the land /sea be it in food /timber/minerals/fish we can make better use of our upland jewel that takes up over half the landscape,Swiss farmers are supported by their public because of their farmed attractive landscape. ‬

    ‪Best for the New Year ‬
    ‪Geoff ‬

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