A plan for Britain?

In case you missed the fuller details here is the 12 point plan that Theresa May announced yesterday regarding the UK’s decision to leave the EU – entitled ‘Plan for Britain’.

  1. Provide certainty about the process of leaving the EU
  2. Control of our own laws
  3. Strengthen the union between the four nations of the UK
  4. Maintain the Common Travel Area with Ireland
  5. Control of immigration coming from the EU
  6. Rights of EU nationals in Britain and rights of British nationals in the EU
  7. Protect workers’ rights
  8. Free trade with European markets through a free trade agreement
  9. New trade agreements with other countries
  10. The best place for science and innovation
  11. Co-operation in the fight against terrorism
  12. A smooth and orderly Brexit

Pretty disappointing not to see either the environment or climate change specifically mentioned.

The New Economics Foundation published a short response to the speech – here and it suggested that the government’s plan would lead to reduced workers’ rights and watered down environmental protection.


Donald Tusk, the EU President issued this tweet

Quite a lot of people on Twitter were suggesting that May was trying to ‘have her cake and eat it’, but I guess you have to start  the process somewhere.

There is a long process ahead now and let’s hope it doesn’t just lead to a cliff edge.



4 thoughts on “A plan for Britain?

  1. It’s all utterly depressing. Unfortunately environmental concerns are nearly always way down on the political agenda – the Green Party excepted.

  2. We can be better than Europe. After all, we never joined properly. From the first, we didn’t want to join the currency and always thought of ourselves as “a special case.” This country is what we make it. It isn’t depressing. It is an opportunity to exceed all that is best of the European Union.

  3. George Monbiot has some fascinating figures on GB uplands (3 recent posts) and the current land uses. He estimates sheep farming in the uplands to be 4,000,000 ha. That number also shows just how ‘little’ land the NT owns – its a total 250,000 ha (and much of that is lowlands and on the coast too). And all that controversy when NT buys another 300 acres in the Lake District at Thorneythwaite. Mrs May’s latest speech and her Government’s current activities show that they are still not interested in farming and land use.

  4. I am totally unconvinced that we would be better off outside the EU. The reason why our beaches and sea had to be of a certain cleanliness standard was because of EU directive. . Ditto re council recycling. This government in particular do not care about such things as air quality, back tracked on renewables and is in the process of selling off the Green Investment Bank. By the way there are 9 EU countries not in the eurozone.

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