Reaction to Theresa May’s Brexit speech

Various representatives of the farming industry have been expressing their opinions after Theresa May’s speech on Brexit where she clearly stated that we will not be in the Single Market or part of the Customs Union. See here.

Here are the views of the National Farmer’s Union.

Here are the views on a ‘hard Brexit’ (which is what we are getting) from the National Sheep Association.


Whilst it had been trailed that we would be leaving the Single Market, the reality is now beginning to sink in.

Upland farmers in particular must be in shock.

It is now very difficult to predict what is going to happen next – nothing I suspect until Article 50 is triggered in March and then maybe nothing substantive until a ‘deal’ is done.

That’s a long time to wait immersed in uncertainty.





2 thoughts on “Reaction to Theresa May’s Brexit speech

  1. A lot of farmers around here in Devon, including our MP, Geoffrey Cox, seemed all for Brexit, judging by placards for UKIP and the Tories placed in roadside fields. It can hardly be a surprise that the reality looks like being a total mess. What an unnecessary mess we are in, all to placate internal Tory politics

  2. Don’t worry. We’re going to sign free trade deals left, right and centre, and then farmers will be able to export their lamb and butter to New Zealand and their beef, maize and wheat to Argentina and the US.

    I trust my dripping irony is obvious.

    Seriously. A contraction of subsidies, simultaneous to restriction of access to the EU market, simultaneous to new competition from places with lower costs and/or lower regulation on things like environment, husbandry and food safety – it’s at the very least a triple whammy. Who’d be a farmer, let alone an upland farmer?

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