Rowing as a crew

After a pretty intense week of agri-environmental politics it was good to get out onto the sea this morning at Exmouth. The crews from the World Championships on the Isles of Scilly have now been selected and I am rowing at 1 in the B boat – really chuffed.

Seat 1 is at the bow i.e. the pointy end! Ben, our cox is at the stern (next to seat 6) and we are having a breather off the beach at Exmouth

Using our lovely new race oars

We rowed around 3.6 miles and it was the first time we have ever trained as a race crew – high hopes!

2 thoughts on “Rowing as a crew

    • Number 1 is just a position – no judgement on ability! Number 1 rows ‘bow side’ which is port side (opposed to stroke side which is starboard) . We use use a single oar for each rower if that answers your ‘tandem’ question.

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