Titchmarsh in the fog

Northamptonshire was again a foggy place yesterday.


I went back to Titchmarsh nature reserve yesterday – this was the first nature reserve I was involved with the acquisition of when I was Director of the Northamptonshire Wildlife Trust

A wet land reserve created from gravel extraction in the mid 1980s – today it is an SSSI and part of the Nene Valley Special Protection Area – habitat creation really works for wildlife

This is one of the gravel pits next to the Heronry – there was a bittern about but we didn’t see it but we did watch a Cetti’s warbler – there weren’t a Titichmarsh in the 1980s.

Great spotted woodpecker on a bird feeder by one of the hides

Male goldeneye

Male and female today

Great to go back and see so many wildfowl on the waters – well over 750

3 thoughts on “Titchmarsh in the fog

  1. Hi Adrian, glad you enjoyed Titchmarsh, despite the fog. We are still running the monthly volunteer habitat management group and regularly surveying the ponds for water invertebrates. Some less common water beetles here: Hydaticus transversalis and Noterus crassicornis, for example.

  2. Hi there Adrian – can you tell me how the reserve was named? My family name is Titchmarsh and my brother’s name is Adrian Titchmarsh. Cheers Erica.

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