Three Tors and an optical illusion

Lots of people know that the huge TV mast on Dartmoor is located at North Hessary Tor – it is one of the major features we use when navigating on the moor.

It can however prove to be a bit of an optical illusion – here is the mast with a Tor at its base – so this must be North Hessary?
south-hessary-1Stand back a bit and slightly change the angle and you can see that North Hessary is further back – to the left is Rundlestone Tor – so the Tor in the picture above is Rundlestone Tor.

Standing at the Hamlet of Rundlestone  you can see this Tor on the slopes up to Rundlestone Tor and Hessary Tor – this is Hollow Tor.

Standing a bit to east under Great Staple Tor you can put all three Tors into perspective. Rundlestone Tor to the left, Hollow Tor in the middle and North Hessary (with the mast) to the right.

One thought on “Three Tors and an optical illusion

  1. Long, long ago I used that mast many times to correct my (still somewhat erratic) navigation in the days before GPS. I used the Rugby radio masts later on when navigating on wheels. Of course they are gone now and I cannot recommend the new wind generators for that purpose – there are whole forests of them.

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