The Green Alliance and flooding

The Green Alliance has just published a new report  – Smarter Flood Risk Management in England – investing in resilient catchments by Nicola Wheeler, Angela Francis and Anisha George. You can download it here. Here is the BBC reporting of the study – see here.

The Report suggests that 4x as much money is spent on land management that ignores flood risk compare to that which prevents it.

In addition 2x as much is spent on the aftermath of floods as is spent on flood defences.

The Green Alliance is calling for s reform of the CAP post Brexit which takes flooding into account, the establishment of a Natural Flood Management budget (in addition to the £15m that has already been pledged and the creation of Regional Catchment Boards which seems to reflect the views of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs selection committee (see here) and Dieter Helm’s views (the Chair of the Natural Capital Committee (same blog – see here).

These graphics are included in the report and detail their case.



It is an important report which highlights the policy clashes – let’s see what happens next.


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