Rowing at dawn

My training for the World Gig Rowing Championships on the Isles of Scilly next April/May began this morning. In fact it began at dawn …… A group of us were on the beach at Exmouth at 7am before it was even light. It was 4 degree and the tide was two hours off high. We had launched Avocet and were rowing by 7.20 just as the sun came up. My feet were so cold but other than that it was a very pleasant row. Polly coxed us very well in some trying tidal conditions.

After we got back at 8.20 the next crew went out

Perfect conditions

Lots more of these early starts over the coming autumn and winter months – just need to work out how to keep my feet warm ….

One thought on “Rowing at dawn

  1. Adrian, went to see Kurt Jackson exhibition at Exeter Museum, brilliant thanks for the info. We also went to see the display of textile art by Jacqui Parkinson in Exeter Cathedral, it is called Threads through revelation and is an astoundinding series of works
    Mike Goss

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