Kurt Jackson – revisiting Turner at the RAMM

Kurt Jackson is a contemporary British artist who lives on Cornwall. He has visited 12 locations in Devon and Cornwall where JMW Turner worked in the 19th century. He has then painted his depictions of the places where Turner went in an attempt to explore the changes and bring in an ‘environmental slant’.

His paintings along with the Turner works are currently part of an exhibition at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum (RAMM) in Exeter.

Some more background detail

Jackson’s depiction of the source of the Tamar and the Torridge
‘fog, rain and bog’

Through the trees to Okehampton Castle behind

Exeter Quay

I really enjoyed the exhibition and will be going back again – it runs at the RAMM until the 4th December – entry is free

One thought on “Kurt Jackson – revisiting Turner at the RAMM

  1. Excellent, thank you for the heads-up.

    I shall pay the show a visit, and I’ll be on the lookout to see if Kurt has gone to the locations of two of my favourite of Turner’s Devon pictures. One is his well-known watercolour of Totnes, subsequently turned into an engraving – I don’t know if the RAMM has a copy of that amongst their collection? The other, even more famous, is the major oil painting, Crossing the Brook (which can be viewed at http://www.tate.org.uk/art/artworks/turner-crossing-the-brook-n00497 ). Although not mentioned in the title it in fact shows the Tamar Valley. The Calstock viaduct is easily identifiable, but what people often miss is that tiny in the mid-distance are the huge water wheels and other structures of nearby mines. Turner was showing the intrusion of contemporary industry into an apparently idyllic Claudian landscape.

    Come to think of it, I might do a Kurt Jackson myself and go and try to find the spot Turner might have been viewing the Tamar from. Not the first time I’ve been spurred to action by one of your blog posts, Adrian! Cheers.

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