Last couple of days on Scilly

I’m now back from the Isles of Scilly and have an internet connection again. Apologies for not posting for the last couple of days but without wifi such things are not possible. To conclude my holiday photos I post a few pictures from the last couple of days from St Agnes and St Mary’s.

A cormorant off Porth Killier on St Agnes – cormorants aren’t that common on Scilly being outnumbers by shag at a ration of 10:1

curlewThree curlew roosting as the tide comes in at Porth Killier

ringed-ploverA ringed plover again at Porth Killier


A little bunting, one of three that have been in the fields at Browrath

goldfinchGoldfinch in the same field

The last five photographs were taken on my iPhone through my telescope

snipe-2A snipe feeding at Lower Moors on St Mary’s

jack-snipeA jack snipe on the same scrape


For the past week Steve (at the back in this photo) and I have been ‘honorary’ members of Ken Shaw’s  Crew on St Agnes. Front row: Manda, Ken and Allan Goddard. Been a pleasure and a privilege –  we have had a lot of fun. We have been in highly exalted company both Ken and Allan have over 500 species each on their British lists!

One thought on “Last couple of days on Scilly

  1. So love to see and hear about your travels Adrian. I have also become more informed on environmental matters through your wonderful blog and photos. Thank you 🙂

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